Q. What is the contractual period for the retainer?
A. The retainer contract is usually for 12 months. However, we are happy to agree a longer length contract (applying a competitive discount) if this suits your business.

Q. Do we have to pay for the service in advance?
A. No. You can pay monthly/quarterly if you wish. However, the insurance is payable at the start of the contract.

Q. Do we need to take out the insurance?
A. No. The Tribunal insurance is entirely optional.


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"The IMhrplus support has been invaluable to us highlighted by the fact that we have had the service for nine years now. The service is great as there is always someone there, you never feel as though you have to chase anyone. I have built a great relationship with IM, I go to all the events and travel an hour out of my way; just so that I can get the service I need and want." - Premex Services