Vince Cable MP delivers findings of review into impact of ET fees

The Liberal Democrat Business Secretary has announced the findings of a review that he commissioned into the impact of Employment Tribunal Fees.

Two years ago Tribunal fees were introduced, meaning that Claimants would need to pay fees of up to £1,200 in order to bring and have a claim heard at the Employment Tribunal.

Dr Cable announced that the review, which was conducted by his Business Department officials, had found the following:

• The total number of claims in the Employment Tribunal had fallen by almost 70%;
• Sex discrimination claims had fallen by 82%; and 
• Equal pay claims had fallen by 72%.

The review doesn't show surprising results, as it has been reported on many occasions that there has been a large decline in Tribunal cases since the introduction of fees.

These figures appear to be welcome news for many employers.

However, the debate continues as to whether or not fees prevent access to justice. It is not the last we have heard of this one...

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