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Employment status and agency workers

The recent case of Smith V Carillion (JM) Ltd has considered whether it is necessary to imply a contract between an agency worker and an end-user where factors point to a contract as the underlying reality.

Fit for work service implementation begins

Following a trial period, the fit for work service, a service that will allow GPs to refer employed patients to Occupational Health, has commenced in the Sheffield and Rhyl areas.

Holiday pay update: Commission case clears first hurdle

The Leicester Employment Tribunal, in the much publicised case of Lock v British Gas, has ruled that the Working Time Regulations can be reworded to enable UK legislation to comply with the requirements of the Working Time Directive.

New tribunal statistics published

The Ministry of Justice has now published the statistics for the period of October to December 2014.

Updated BIS guidance on the NMW for employees who sleep between duties

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) has updated its guidance on calculating the National Minimum Wage (NMW) for employees who sleep between duties, in order to consider whether the individual’s “work” amounts to working time for the purpose of the NMW.

Zero hours consultation results published

The Government has published the measures it intends to take to prevent the perceived abuse of zero-hours contracts.

Shared parental leave calculator

As our readers will be aware, for parents of babies due on or after 5 April 2015 a new system of “shared parental leave” will be available. In short, a mother will be able to “share” 50 weeks of her maternity leave and 37 weeks of maternity pay with an eligible father. Periods of leave can be taken consecutively or concurrently and strict notification rules apply.

Spring changes to statutory rates for employers

As usual, from April, various statutory pay rates (e.g. SMP) will increase.

Employment Tribunals Annual Report

Earlier this month, the Senior President of Tribunals produced an annual Report on the state, amongst other things, of the Employment Tribunal system.

Woolworths - Advocate General Recommendations delivered

At the start of February, the Advocate General delivered his recommendations in relation to the case of thousands of former Woolworths and Ethel Austin employees who were made redundant, but missed out on millions of pounds in compensation due to the size of store they worked in.

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